Tesla rental access

Rent a Tesla Model S ® with the same ease as renting a DVD.

Qualified GearHeads will have Tesla rental access starting 2014. These software-controlled vehicle rentals will be available in remote locations at any time without visiting a counter or an office. vukee Car is developing a backend and frontend software that interfaces with Tesla’s cars and will include high safety standards to regulate rental restriction routes.

vukee Car is not made, sponsored, or licensed by Tesla Motors, Inc. and vukee Car is not affiliated with Tesla Motors, Inc.
Introduction video

What is vukee Car?

vukee Car is an all electric car sharing service based on Tesla Motors Inc. latest MODEL S ® vehicle. It drives up to 265 miles with just one charge. We have built technology to easily rent these cars conveniently at nearby charging stations. All you need is our vukee Car app. With hassle-free registration, you can drive the Tesla in less than a minute.

vukee Car has no membership fees. You pay as you go. Choose the nearest available Tesla, and enjoy the ease of booking. After scanning your ID and credit card, you are ready to enjoy your ride. If you like, your driving experience can be automatically posted to your facebook account.
Your car

All cars are wrap designed with the names of the donators. If you wish, we will add your name onto one of the vukee cars in your city. The size of your name depends on the amount you pledged. Bigger pledges get bigger names. The hood and the roof is used to add your names. Also, you’re allowed to see where your car is driving in real time and view updates of the driver’s posts from the car diary. If you’re in the vicinity of “your” car, you can do some funny things with it for free, i.e. turn on the flashlights.


We will provide user experience with “WOW-effects“ by

  • the hassle-free renting and driving
  • the affordability of driving a luxury car
  • the 24/7 personalized guiding experience
  • the simplicity of using real-time apps by vukee Car
We assist you 24/7

You can easily connect with us with the vukee Car app for any questions or concerns. The app also provides a customer support number in case you want to get help on the phone. You automatically have roadside service protection. A maintenance crew is automatically notified when you return the car to a charging station. You can easily find nearby charging stations at the touch of a screen.

No concerns about insurance

When you rent a vukee Car, all insurance is already included in the fee. You will never again need to be concerned with having the right insurance and/or being upsold, adding more additional fees, as with other rental agencies.
No rental office visit

Downloading the app lets you create an account, making you a member of vukee Car which provides you the information you need to rent available Teslas. There are no membership fees and no longterm commitment contracts. Simply pay as you go. Download the app and create an account. The first activation needs about 90 seconds and some clicks to create your vukee Car account.

After your first check-in, you can save the data. After that, every time you rent a car, the process takes less than a minute and you are on your way to new adventures in no time!
Renter requirements

  • Legally active U.S. or international driver's license
  • Credit card
  • Mobile smart device with internet connection


The vukee Car app is simple to use. User-friendly technology makes the renting experience effortless and enjoyable. Steps you will experience in the process are:

  • Choose a booking location from the map
  • Select and reserve an available car
  • Arrive at the charging location and unlock the car with the app

Free charging

With this green machine you won't have to pay for gasoline. And the best part is, all electric charging is already included in the rent; even when you need to recharge in the middle of your rental premium time. You have access to all the charge points, Blink and TESLA Superchargers, where you can charge 200 miles of range in about 30 minutes.

You will find a map of the charging stations in our application. Further, your renting time is interrupted while the car is charging until it is charged at least 80%. Thats why you are not charged during loading the car.
What Tesla can I drive?

Latest MODEL S ® with 85 kWh Battery Type with following specifications:

  • 265 miles range (EPA)
  • 362 horse power
  • 5.4 seconds 0-60mph
  • 125 mph top speed
  • Onboard maps and navigation for North America
  • LED Lights
  • Keyless Entry
  • Memory seats, mirrors and driver profile
Indiegogo campaign

We need you to make this happen. We need your help to find out which major cities across the nation should be the first starting point. And we need your help to finance the first 25 cars. You can pledge to drive the car in your city.

You tell us where to start by the concentration of pledges that will come in of a given region. The pledges will help us create a roadmap and determine in what cities to start first and then connect all the city points in the next steps. Adding cities as we grow widens the convenience of drop off charge points allowing for greater renter flexibility until we have stretched across America.

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